A Simple 3-Step Formula to Create a FB Engagement Ad for Leads & Sales for YOUR Business in the Next 24 Hours (or less). Learn How to INSTANTLY get prospects to talk to who are interested in YOUR products & services.

What is 'Social Ads Made Easy?'

A Proven Formula that teaches you how to systematically create a Facebook Ad for less than $5.00 per day to drive real-time targeted traffic to YOUR site so you have fresh, quality prospects to talk to every single day.

No hype - No fluff. This is a 67 minute straight to the point video tutorial that will give you a paint-by-numbers step-by-step formula to get over your fear of ads, get your ad LIVE, and get into profit FAST!

FACT: without a fresh flood of interested prospects every single day, you are out of business. This training will forever solve this problem and fill your pipeline with hungry BUYERS who already want what you have to offer.

What you are about to unlock & learn...

By minute 11, discover the #1 reason why 99% of marketers FAIL with Facebook paid ads (and our simple solution to open the flood-gates for unlimited leads for YOUR business with FB ads)

By minute 15, unlock 4 ninja targeting tips to reach YOUR ideal perfect customer who will BUY YOUR PRODUCTS & SERVICES! (these audience targeting hacks are almost unfair to your competitors)

By minute 31, see the exact image one of our clients used to get 951 comments on ONE post for less than $5 per day (she turned off the ad because she couldn't keep up with the amount of leads... imagine the feeling!)

By minute 32, avoid the 2 deadly mistakes marketers make with FB comments that will cause you to lose money on your ads (we'll give your our blueprint to turn FB comments into customers)

By minute 40, connect your Facebook ad to a free 'bot' that can respond to your comments on autopilot for INSTANT communication and a huge bump in sales... and YOU join the conversation whenever you want.

By minute 43, we are going to dazzle you with a LIVE Facebook Ads DEMO and walkthrough to get your engagement ad (and FB bot) setup so you can get traffic, leads, sales, and CASH in the next 24 hours!


Amazing training session - you make it all look so easy! Covered the topics smoothly and in depth... loved the presentation!

Allen Curtis

Outstanding! Thank you for your easy to follow yet powerful insights!

Ray Tarle

This is a fantastic training session!! Lots of golden nuggets, and it was so easy to follow and full of value!! Thank-you!

Alice S Suryana

Amazing training. I'm implementing first thing tomorrow!

Genevan Roberts


Paid Marketing Secrets PDF to GET LEADS NOW

A 23 page step-by-step picture book to get your 1st Facebook ad LIVE, target your best prospects, and drive traffic to YOUR websites instantly.

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YES, you too can get fresh quality prospects every single day who are interested in YOUR products & services.

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Choose wisely my friend. We are here when you are ready to take your business to the next level.

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3-step formula to learn how to get in profit with paid ads

67 min tutorial to show you how to easily get your ads set up

BONUS paid marketing secrets PDF

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Discover how to unlock a FB 'bot' to automate the process

Learn how to target your best potential buyers & clients

Complete LIVE FB ads demo included

$77 SAVE 78%! ONLY $17